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Engagement Rings

Engagement Ring Jewelers Dallas

We have thousands of engagement rings, diamonds, and settings to choose from.

Custom Jewelry

Custom Diamond Jewelers Dallas

We have been customizing jewelry for over 25 years.Let us know what you want!

Wholesale Diamonds

Wholesale Diamonds Dallas

We offer below wholesale prices on diamonds. Eliminate the middleman!

Loose Diamonds

Loose Diamonds Dallas

We have below wholesale costs on any loose diamond cut or size you want!!

Sell Diamonds

Sell Diamonds in Dallas TX

We buy and pay top cash for diamonds and jewelry. Call us for free estimate!

Welcome to Diamond Exchange Dallas | Contact Us 214-755-1806

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    We are not your typical jewelry store where you have to pay an arm and a leg to get the diamonds or jewelry that you want. In fact, the man in charge here is named Roderick and he was born and raised in S. Africa where the majority of the awesome diamonds come from. He has been cutting diamonds for over 25 years. When you deal with Diamond Exchange Dallas you are working directly with the diamond cutters, meaning there is not outrageous markups on the diamonds, engagement rings, or diamond jewelry that you buy. You are actually getting your goods directly from the bottom of the jewelry discount chain. Nobody can offer you the prices we can. Contact us Today for a FREE estimate. You are more than welcome to visit our office at anytime to see how we operate. Most people have never seen how diamonds are cut and understand how much patience and skill it takes the get the diamonds to sparkle right. We have all types of diamond jewelry such as engagement rings, loose diamonds and more.

Services We Offer

  1. Diamond Wholesaler
    Our roots are based in South Africa.  We have been wholesaling and importing diamonds for over 25 years.  We are experienced and professional diamond cutters and you will not find a better place to find Wholesale Diamonds Dallas
  2. Custom Jewelers
    We can custom make any type of diamond jewelry you need. If it’s a ring, necklace, watch, bracelet, or even diamond and platinum teeth. We have 25 years experience as custom jeweler in Dallas and have customized almost every thing imaginable so if you need custom jewelry in Dallas then give us a call.
  3. We Buy Diamonds
    We buy diamonds and we offer the highest price.  We buy diamonds from jewelry stores that bought their diamonds from the public so we will always give our clients the highest price for their diamonds.  We buy all diamonds regardless of the shape its in. Sell Diamonds Dallas
  4. We sell diamonds
    We are diamond wholesalers as well as on-site diamond cutters.  We have any type of diamond that you need at the lowest price possible
  5. Engagement Rings
    If you are looking for the perfect engagement ring for the best price then contact us today. Engagement Rings Dallas TX
  6. Cash for Gold
    We will buy your gold today.  Bring it in and leave with cash.

Wholesale Diamonds in Dallas TX – 214-755-1806

Welcome to Diamond Exchange Dallas. You have came to the ultimate site for getting the best diamonds Dallas TX has to offer at the absolute best price on BELOW WHOLESALE DIAMONDS! Contact us today at 214-755-1806.   We carry a very large selection of wholesale diamonds in all shapes, sizes, and quality.  We carry diamonds with prices that we can tailor to anyone’s budget.  Our selection of diamonds includes round diamonds, princess cut diamonds, cushion cut diamonds, oval diamonds, radiant diamonds, emerald diamonds, pear diamonds, marquise diamonds, and heart diamonds. One of the main questions that we ask our customers is when they tell us what they are looking for is there particular budget.  Our goal is you get you the very best and biggest diamond for you without trying to push you out of your price range.  The feedback that we receive from our savvy customers is truly heart warming.  They will tell us that they have shopped all over town and on the internet and that we have the best prices on diamonds.  Why are we so confident we are one of the best jewelry stores Dallas TX has? Well lets see. Until recently most of our clientele has been  either word of mouth or repeat customers. The man in charge here, Roderick, is originally from South Africa where almost all diamonds are imported from. He has been importing, customizing, and cutting diamonds for over 25 years!!! When you deal with Diamond Exchange Dallas, you are not dealing with any middle men or mark-ups on diamonds, you are getting the diamonds from THE SOURCE. Yes, we import and cut the diamonds ourselves so when you deal with us you are dealing DIRECT. Can you believe it? If not, we invite you to our North Dallas jewelry store so you can watch us cut loose diamonds right in front of you. We are open normal business hours Monday through Friday and that’s what we do, so please stop by and say HI! We try our best to be appointment only, however, walk ins are certainly welcome.Give us a call today @ 214-755-1806.

GIA Certified Diamonds in Dallas TX

Diamond Exchange Dallas Sells and Buys Jewelry

Wholesale Diamond Exchange DallasIf you are looking to sell diamonds in Dallas, then we will pay you the highest price because we know what the diamonds are worth. We buy diamonds all the time from “Cash for Gold” stores that underpaid the public on the most precious stone on earth. Diamond Exchange Dallas has been the best kept secret for diamonds in Dallas, but we are going to go ahead and market to the public and open the flood gates. We treat every one of our customers with true hospitality and we always have nothing but positive feedback. That’s why we have been doing this for 25 years without any type of marketing besides our loyal customers. We are by no means are large diamond broker or have a lot of employees, but we do have the right connections in the world and an expert diamond cutter. Do you want wholesale diamonds? We are the ones that put the diamonds in the wholesalers hands. Again, without our skills and expertise of a diamond cutter customizing diamonds from the rough, there would not be any diamonds to wholesale. So if you want diamonds; pendants, custom Rolex’s, tennis bracelets, earrings, or any form of Diamond Jewelry. Another huge part of our business here is Dallas is our deals on engagement rings. To view more on our deals on engagement rings in Dallas visit our engagement rings page.  If  you are in or near Dallas, TX area then at least stop by and say hi and let us quote you a price. We also offer jewelry appraisals for insurance purposes done by a GIA graduate gemologist.  Call us anytime even on the weekends @ 214-755-1806. Our store hours are typically Monday – Friday from 9am to 6pm, and Saturday 11am-3pm.  We will be glad to set a special time to meet with my customers even on the weekends.

We offer many services at Diamond Exchange Dallas including custom diamond jewelry, custom diamonds, and engagement rings. We sell loose diamonds, custom cut diamonds on site, and we buy diamonds and different types of jewelry. We have thousands of custom settings to choose from, and we also pay cash for diamonds, rings, gold, Rolex’s, and assorted jewelry and we offer jewelry appraisals for replacement value.

dallas diamond wedding ring settingWe actually have two diamond cutters on site which will be happy to show you how diamonds are cut at our office. Our diamond cutters are from South Africa and have a combined experience of of 40 years of customizing diamonds. We aren’t your typical jewelry store because most of the diamond jewelry we make are one of a kind. We absolutely can offer the best deals on diamonds and engagement rings in Dallas because you are getting your jewelry directly form the source without any middle men involved! We also pay top dollar for diamonds, diamond rings, engagement rings, and jewelry. Stop by Monday through Friday and watch us do what we do best! Our main job is to service the major jewelry stores around the metroplex because there lively hood is dependent on us being able to craft and repair their diamonds. We have made thousands of diamond in our life time, but the majority has been working for other jewelry shops getting their diamonds for sale for retail. Where the opportunity comes in for our Diamonds Exchange Dallas clients is that you will not have to pay the ridiculous markups on the jewelry that retail customers pay. We want you to be very happy so you will tell your friends and family and we can earn you as a customer for life. We are very straight forward and honest in our diamond business and we plan on serving out customers for years to come. We ever offer free cleaning as well as free ring adjustments and much more. Let us know how we can help you and we will bend over backwards to make sure you are 100% satisfied!!!! We answer our phones 7 days a week so feel free to call Roderick and we WILL get you taken care of!

Custom Diamond Jewelry

Custom Jewelers Dallas

Diamondexchangedallas.com is a diamond wholesaler and we also have an on site diamond cutter with 25 years of experience. We are custom jewelers so whether you are looking for a diamond engagement ring or any other diamond jewelry we will not be beat undersold. We have every type and size of diamonds available. We also offer diamond upgrades giving you credit for the original purchase price of a diamond you bought from us before. We do not mark up the price of our jewelry like the jewelry stores that we supply to.

We Buy Diamonds

Place to sell Diamonds in Dallas

If you are trying to sell your diamonds in Dallas or surrounding areas let us have the opportunity to quote you a price. We pay higher than anyone else because we are actual on site diamond cutters, manufactures, and GIA certified diamonds. A majority of the diamonds we buy are from cash for gold stores, pawn shops, or other jewelers where they were originally purchased from the public. Nobody will pay you more for your diamonds than us. Contact us today to get cash for diamonds.

Engagement Rings Dallas

Dallas Engagement Ring Store
Diamond Exchange Dallas best store for engagement rings in Dallas if you want the best prices. Our connections in this wholesale diamond industry help us get you the best deals on all types of diamonds for Dallas engagement rings. You tell us the type of diamond that you want and engagement ring setting thatnyou like. If you are looking for the very best deals on engagement rings then visit our engagement rings Dallas section.